Digisim’s Blog

Sporadic musings and commentary on things I see, do and comes across usually end up in here as well as ideas and thoughts for wider comment.

Most of my blogs are short form writing and broadly relate to digital education (but sometimes not). Usually opinion/experiential based, usually not too controversial.

SPaM Framework

SPaM is a framework for hybrid education which emerged through my work on developing mixed-modal courses and supporting higher education institutions and academic colleagues to think about mixed-modal curriculum design.

Openly licensed and free for anyone to use.

Digisim Connect

Digisim Connect is a digital education ‘collective’. It exists to connect individuals and offer members’ expertise in the broad area of digital education.

(Please note Digisim Connect is still an early concept and so the site is still in development but feel free to visit.)

Bio Site

A hub where I share all the links that collectively define my online presence.

You will find links to the other spaces listed here too but additionally other stuff I’ve done online for or with others, such as links to articles or videos, & interviews as well as links to online spaces I visit less often.

Say hello. Feel free to get in touch.